Public Sale Token

WLKN is a Token used for operating in the Walken NFT game. WLKN is short for Walken and can be either bought on a cryptocurrency exchange or earned by using Walken.

Public Sale closes in:
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Min. Amount: 90 USDT/ 90 BUSD/ 90 USDC
Max. Amount: 3000 USDT/ 3000 BUSD/ 3000 USDC

Connect Wallet

After completing the transaction, your tokens $WLKN will automatically come to your wallet within 1-2 minutes

- Total will be available for purchase 20,000,000 WLKN
- Price for Public Sale will 1 WLKN = 0,0165 USD
- Minimum contribution = 90 USDT/ 90 BUSD/ 90 USDС